Author: Soni Pande

Assassination of Mr. Bose

Assassination of Mr. Bose

Satyajeet Bhargav: Assassination of Mr. Bose
Satyajeet Bhargav: Assassination of Mr. Bose. Available now on Amazon.

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An excerpt from Assassination of Mr. Bose.

Mrs. Bose took turns looking at Satyajeet, glancing at Shashank next and then at the floor where her dead husband lay last. Lost in her thoughts as she looked at the floor, her eyes filled with tears. Wiping her tears off, Mrs. Bose paused and then said, “I will tell you everything.”

“This is most unusual Satyajeet, but I am glad that you have reached the bottom of this case. Who is it?” Inspector Ajit asked.

“I will let you know tomorrow, when we meet at the Bose mansion. I plan to be there at ten in the morning.”

“You have every reason to be discreet Satyajeet Babu. I will see you tomorrow then,” said Inspector Ajit, as they hung up.

The Royal Theft

The Royal Theft

Satyajeet Bhargav: The Royal Theft / Authored By Soni Pande
Satyajeet Bhargav: The Royal Theft / Now available on Amazon.

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Here’s a peak into the Royal Theft.

Diwakar and Pandit were watching the wall clock behind Inspector Ajit in his cabin. As the pendulum swung, they waited with empty teacups on the Inspector’s desk. Having waited for what seemed like the right amount of silence and patience, Diwakar said, “Where is Satyajeet? He should have been here by now.”


“So, what is this information that you now possess, Satyajeet Babu” Inspector Ajit moved to appease his curiosity.

“I wouldn’t say anything until I see the fort from the inside,” Satyajeet replied.

“Alright then, shall we go then? All we were waiting on was you,” directed the Inspector.

Inspector Ajit gathered a few files and exchanged some information with one of his policemen, as he ordered a couple others to come with him. One of them packed a sketchbook into a folder as they all left for the Ramnagar Fort.